I sit next to an energetic, passionate programmer.

It’s a privilege.

The way he shakes and taps his legs when he’s focused and zoned-in inspires me.

I guess some people could find it distracting, but to me, it’s a sign that his brain is churning and a signal to me to put my headphones on and make shit happen as well.

Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I can feel my body do the same. My feet go tapping, or, if I’m at home and working from the couch, I might feel my toes start twitching or stretching unconsciously when I’m thinking deeply and doing something that gets me excited.

This is Energy in it’s most human form - and it’s the most valuable resource on planet earth.

If the people you’re working with are vibrating - something’s working.

Even when obscene amounts of caffeine and/or nicotine is involved.