Welcome to the jungle

The world is at a crossroads. A precipice. Utopia is within reach but we edge closer to a shared doom.

Exponential tech has the potential to save us or annihilate - and it all depends on us.

A deadly cocktail of self doubt and narcissism, the modern conditions have put us in a position where at the same time we feel like nothing is more important than “I”, while being the first generation to truly understand what it means to be just one amongst billions on a planet amongst trillions.

Born and raised in concrete jungles that make us feel like cyber ants in a world run by powerful and enigmatic forces we will never see or understand.

Meanwhile, our collective consciousness is awakening, the message of One spreading far and wide. But it’s hard: it’s hard to live and it’s hard to believe when we had to stop believeing to maintain sanity in the light of all we know.

But we know too much about too little and we always want more because we have everything we need.

We crave connection in a connected world and thanks to Disney we think everything has to have meaning and a happy ending.

But what really matters? What does it even mean to matter in a world of bits?

What will future generations say of us?

Or will they say anything at all?